I worked with Cocomilk Studio to create a 114-page Sustainability and Annual Report 2022 for Shakey’s Pizza Asia Ventures, Inc. (SPAVI). With the theme “Bigger, Bolder, Better”, the report features SPAVI’s brand colors with brighter and energetic feel, paired with bold typography and quirky illustrations.

My task was to expand their layout design studies into a full report layout. The report was distributed online and in printed formats. Content, covers, and illustrations were provided by the studio.

This project is in collaboration with Cocomilk Studio.

Creative Director: Renee Arabia
Art Director: Yas Liamco
Layout Designers: Luke Concepcion, Zellene Guanlao, Chiqui Feliciano, Dianne Suarez
Illustrators: Trish Rubiano, Pat Portugal, Yas Liamco

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